Mehendi Party Turn Up

Ain’t no party like a Junior Radish Party cuz’ a Junior Radish party don’t stop! I am so beyond excited to share with all of you the shenanigans that went down during my brother’s wedding last year.  It was a 3-day event packed with lots of love and laughter.  My brother and his now wife, wanted to stay true to their Indian/Pakistani Muslim heritage but still incorporate their modern American style.  They had a vision, and of course they enlisted me to be there Wedding Planner extraordinaire.  All I have to say is JLO eat your heart out!

To kick things off, we started the wedding festivities with the traditional Mehendi aka Henna party.  For us brown folks, this party is actually not the wedding party, but more so the pre-game to the big day.  However that doesn’t mean we don’t do it big.  Let’s just say the TURN UP was real!  However great parties don’t happen overnight.  A lot of planning and details went into this event 3 months prior. From the venue, decor, photography, videography, menu, outfits, hair & make-up, entertainment, music, horses, speeches, and so on,  I am truly amazed on how I was able to even pull it off.  Not to mention the party was LIT!

Just how LIT was it, if you haven’t already checked it out, check out the Mehendi highlight video below to see for your self.

Even with all the wedding planning that I was doing, I still wanted to do something special for my brother and sister-in-law.  So I surprised them with a slideshow, commemorating their love for each other, but not before embarrassing them with some of their old childhood pictures too.  Hey what are big sisters for right?  Take-a-look-see at their When Nimran met Sonia, A Love Story video that was #madebymoi and you even might see their surprise proposal in there, wink wink.

So I think I’ve hyped this party enough, it’s time to show you the pictures from the big day!!!  A Mehendi Party #madebymoi and be sure to comment below and tell me what you think.

Venue Decor



Horsing Around


Mehendi (Henna)


Party Turn Up


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