Lucky Charms Cake

A Junior Radish Quickie! In the festive spirit of St. Patty’s Day, I was inspired to make something truly lucky.  So I thought why not a Lucky Charms Cake? Thanks to my colleague I came across this super cute idea on a blog for a DIY: Lucky Charmed Cake .  This was so last minute, so I was definitely inclined to take a short-cut. Instead of baking the cake part, I just went to my local grocery store and bought one, ha!  It was super easy and guaranteed to taste yummy, and who doesn’t love a grocery store cake, am I right? The next part, which took a little bit longer was separating out the charms from the oats in the cereal. In hindsight I could have ordered the Lucky Charms Marshmallows only bag from Amazon, and avoid the head-ache of separating them out myself.  However since this whole thing was so last minute, so I had to just suck it up and do it the hard way.  It took a good 30 minutes but I was done and ready to create this lucky treat!

Take a-look-see on how I #madebymoi this Lucky Charms Cake that was oh so Magically Delicious! 🙂

1458221214902-1.jpg 1458221280834-1.jpg 1458221452895-1.jpg 1458221635950-1.jpg


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