Call me Aunty Junior Radish

OH, BABY! It sure has been busy over at the Radish household! Between birthdays, weddings, home renovation projects, and company acquisitions, 2015 was truly a hard year to keep up with, let alone keeping up with my blog. However I can’t complain, I’m so grateful for the milestones I got to experience last year, like buying my first home and seeing my brother get married.

Yes, last year was pretty amazing, but I think 2016 is going to be way better! Why you ask? I’m so happy to finally announce that I’m going to be an AUNT!!!!!! My brother and his beautiful wife are going to have a BABY!!! I can’t tell you how over-the-moon I am by this exciting news. I can’t believe my brother is going to be DAD. Such a proud moment for me!

So I have to admit, I have known for a while now, but I was sworn into secrecy by the future parents. It was really sweet how they revealed the news to me. I was actually the first person they told! About 5 months ago, they asked me go with them to lunch. I didn’t think anything of it because we were working on their house project at the time. So we were having lunch and my Sister-in-Law kept on asking about my ideas on decorating one of the extra bedrooms they have.  I suggested an office or guest room, so I can sleepover, ha! However she kept on giggling and saying, “What about a nursery?” and then hands me a plastic bag. What was in this plastic bag? The world’s CUTEST onesie that says “My Aunt Loves Me”. Queue the water-works, I was filled with so much joy and happiness, of course I started balling! My reaction with my make-up free face, ugly-cry face was priceless, ha! The best part was that they captured this all on video. It was truly the best news ever, I just had to share the video with you guys.  See the video below!


Slowly but surely the rest of the family found out, and of course the next topic at hand was what were they going to be having.  Will it be a BOY or GIRL?  I honestly didn’t care, I was just happy to hear that they were having a healthy baby.  Nevertheless, they made the cutest announcement via Snapchat.  Let me tell you, the way they were teasing us all, the suspense was REAL!  Watch the video below to find out the what they are having.  Any guesses?!?!

Five months later after the holidays passed, we finally had time to shoot their big pregnancy announcement. They didn’t want to do the the typical announcements you see on Pinterest, they wanted to do something special that stayed true to them but was also super cute. So they decided on doing a Basketball themed photo announcement that paid homage to their fave b-ball player, the one and only, Michael Jordan! They totally rocked his & her “Jordan 23” jersey, and baby girl got in on the action with her her pink onesie and little Jordans to boot! 🙂

Take a-look-see at all the pictures from the cute basketball themed shoot that was styled, shot, and #madebymoi. Find out below, which picture they ended up choosing for their big reveal on Facebook.

img_7174.jpeg img_7173.jpeg img_7172.jpeg img_7171.jpeg img_7169.jpeg img_7170.jpeg
The big reveal on Facebook…. Which one did they choose?!?!


How cute, they continued their “23” theme by posting on January 23, 2016!  Can’t wait for our Princess’s arrival in May!

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