Bride Cake

Tis the season, as in Wedding Season! To kick off the wedding celebration of my brother Nimran to his beautiful Bride, Sonia, I hosted a Bachelorette Party Dinner for Sonia. In typical Junior Radish style I had to conjure up something creative! Especially for my soon-to-be-sister in law, I wanted to make her feel special as this is one the most important time in a woman’s life, her wedding!

So what did I create? A Barbie Bride cake of course!
I’ve been dying to create this type of cake for a long time but after many failed attempts, I’m finally really happy with how this one turned out.

Take a look see at how I #madebymoi Bridal/Bachelorette goodies and Bride Cake!

Manicure-in-Bag Favors 


Bridal Sash 


Bride Cake 



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