About Moi

The Girl

IMG_20130204_004253Afsha is my name, and creativity is my game!   Growing up I was a very precocious individual  always going against the grain.  While most kid’s first words were “mama” or “dada”, mine was much more elaborate, it was, Chicago!  For good reason too because that’s was where my family was headed.  Being a Chicago native for majority of my life and loving it, I decided to do the unthinkable, and move to San Francisco!  My career aspirations in Digital Media lead me into the City by the Bay, where I kid you not, met the most amazing people.  Another interesting factor was everyone had their own blog!  Although it was a great year, full laughter and a lot of “that’s what she said” jokes, I decided that home is where the heart is and my heart was in Chicago.  My short year and half stint in San Fran will forever be in my heart because as cheesy as it sounds, that’s where I totally found myself.  Being on your own, and away from your comfort zone, you truly realize what makes you happy.  That’s where I discovered my true passion in life was to unleash my creativity, through all things girlie: baking, hair, beauty, and nails design of course.  I’m not an expert, I don’t have any formal training, nor do even have a celebrity salary, but I feel that you don’t need that when you have HEART!  That is my motto, and I’m sticking to it.

The Random Fun Facts

  • IMG_20130129_174726I don’t eat fruits
    • I am obsessed with Hunger Games, Watched the movie 10 times in the theatre and read all three books in the series
    • I have Bieber Fever
    • I’m very clumsy, I walk into light poles and doors a lot
    • My sense of humor is that of a 12 year old boy
    • I can’t live without 5 hour energy
    • I listen to Dubstep a lot
    • McDonald’s is part of my well balanced diet
    • Halloween is my favorite holiday
    • I collect Brunette Barbies
    • I randomly dance in my car
    • I don’t take myself so seriously



The Name

IMG_20130129_174650Where did the name Junior Radish come from?  Good question!  Time after time my name always gets butchered by people.  I think it’s because it sounds so foreign.  Nevertheless I do get a kick out of all the different ways people say my name.  My favorite was when someone said my last name, which is “Rashid” as “Radish”!  I don’t know why but this stuck with me, and not to mention it was pretty hilarious.  So what does one do with this revelation? I embraced it! Since there’s already a senior Radish AKA my father, I decided it’s only fitting that I’m Junior Radish.  A blogger was born.

The Blog

IMG_20130129_174623Junior Radish is a lifestyle blog that showcases creativity.  Call it a girlie blog, it encompasses all different aspects of what a girl likes such as baking, fashion, beauty, hair, and nails.  Most importantly, it’s all made by moi!  Knowing that most of us, like myself are on a limited budget, I take a pride in providing inspirations and ideas on creating wonderful things that are not only affordable but also highly achievable.  So get your ideas flowing, hands dirty, and always remember to create & share!

Would you like to find out more about me?  Send your questions to my email: JuniorRadish@gmail.com.

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